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Our expertise spreads across industries and that allows us to bring a fresh perspective to the table. We respond to every challenge with a strategic approach, bringing you a step closer to your goals. We help you envision the impossible and equip you with capabilities to achieve it.

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Explore by business outcome

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In this dynamic era of tough sales and promotion environment, where competition abounds fiercely for shelf space, it is more important than ever to be a brand that stands apart.

BOD works under the premise that the stock price is directly proportional to the value a company builds. The challenge is allocating the financial and human capital to its best and most effective use, keeping the long term in mind.

Profitability is a key measure that should always have a place in your business goals. Not only does it answer critical questions regarding your business like whether or not you are receiving a return on your investment but also helps you gauge whether you are pricing your products right.

Enterprising business models, which accommodate the changing trade landscape and resource availability, are the needs of the day.

There are but three ways your organization can increase revenue and drive growth: sell more to your existing customer base, sell your services and products to new customer segments, and increase the returns.

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Explore by practice

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In our fast-paced, fragmented, digital era marked by rapid development, it is essential for organizations to be nimble in their approach towards any challenges they might face.

Effectively communicating with each other the needs and wants of the hour is facilitated through planning and consistent performance.

Change is never easy. Organizations looking to achieve growth at great speed will undergo rapid changes, big and small.

A strong and clear brand identity is paramount to capture the imagination of the consumers. Leveraging our rich history in this domain and utilizing our acute understanding of how brands work.

It has become increasingly important for business leaders to realize the implications of all technological advancements and assess how to leverage them for maximizing the benefits in a shared digital future.

In an era when your consumer is bombarded with choices, it is imperative to tailor your offering to the needs of the day, in the most innovative and cost-effective way possible.

Communication is the key to ensure all stakeholders are with the organization throughout their journey of growth. It requires deft handling across cultures and has proven to be an effective clutter-breaker.

Design is a definite means to differentiate your product or service from that of competitors. All organisations need to create a culture infused with design thinking and continuously align it with the end users’ needs.

Having an effective marketing strategy is paramount to achieving the goals for your company. Designing a solid Go-To-Market and aligning the sales function with it requires countless iterations.

Sustainability is not the tiny add-on you tack to the end of a business plan, but the framework in which it is built. Consumers today are focused on not just what a brand wishes to achieve, but also how it intends to do it.

An innovation-based culture starts from the top. We make our clients identify the appropriate leadership style needed to reach the desired business objectives, which allows for a greater degree of autonomy, enabling a thriving and dedicated workplace.

As traditional business dynamics see a shift, an informed strategy is more necessary than ever. We help you focus on your key strengths as you move on your journey of growth, produce sustainable value, and enable you to reach full potential in your core business.

Long gone are the days when this vertical of an organization just crunched numbers and organized internal functions. A sound operations strategy is the oil needed to get ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

For organizations to unlock the true value of their capabilities, it is necessary to have as many perspectives on board as possible. Even more important than having a diverse workforce.

A lean and ethical supply chain system will prove to be the difference between competing brands. We help create a system by developing nodes across the chain to improve efficiency and reduce time-to-market.

Explore by industry

Explore by industry

Explore the industry most relevant to you

The architectural products industry is growing globally at a steady pace. The increasing investments in the construction space and availability of new-age solutions are only going to fuel the demand for contemporary architectural solutions.

Managing an event involves not merely planning and executing it; it calls for brand building, effective marketing and communication strategies and a robust process development.

An industry that influences every other: Packaging industry is growing at a steady pace and every new product entrant to the business landscape will contribute to the overall growth of the company.

The industry is flourishing as the field of design becomes more competitive and the world is seeing the fastest growth pace for real estate. BOD has customized strategic business plans that would garner tangible results for our clients.

BOD delivers dedicated consulting services for fashion businesses including retailers, designers, and lifestyle brands. We proffer bespoke strategies and solutions that are designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve desired growth.

With growing customer expectations and demands for flexible and reliable services, this is an industry that has an acute pressure to deliver better at lower costs. BOD will facilitate your growth, turning our expertise into a profitable business model for you.

Leverage our skills, experience, and expertise to make the most out of the limited support system you have in terms of volunteers and donors. BOD aspires to help you realize your vision and your potential by determining the best operative practices for your organization.

Having a significant contribution to the national economy, the industry has considerable potential for innovation and value addition for the country at large. BOD believes in recognizing and catering to the unique needs of each individual organization, capitalizing on the potential for growth.

The industry is currently confronting immense change, bringing in both opportunity and risk, but also attracting huge investments. BOD is committed to mapping the right solutions to your unique problems.

Our rapidly globalizing world is unlocking novel avenues for the transportation industry. The Automotive Components industry has seen healthy growth in the last couple of years, expanding by 18.3 % in the 2017-18 FY.

Booming at a rate that is indeed staggering, ‘change’ is the new normal for the healthcare industry. At BOD, we are dedicated to providing you with technical and tactical guidance in securing exponential growth that the industry offers and demands.

All schools and educational institutions serve to provide growth to individuals starting at an early stage. With the intense competition in the market and rising demand for holistic learning curriculum.

Encompassing a wide range of product catalogue, consumer electronics has one of the largest customer segments in the market. Promising stellar growth in the upcoming years.

BOD offers comprehensive consultancy services, covering operational and managerial challenges that your organization may encounter. The hotel and hospitality consultants at BOD will provide you with profit-oriented solutions to tackle any industry-related assignment.

If there is one industry that would not stagnate at any point in time, it is technology. We help you navigate today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities to develop pragmatic strategies for capitalizing on them.

With the government gearing up to shed its overdependence on private players and defence imports, the time has never been riper to capitalize on this booming industry.

The future of the industrial products’ industry is marked by rapidly changing customer expectations, new technologies, and ecosystem collaboration.

We are committed to multilayer projects – an essential skill to tackle the challenges of the transit industry in India. Our focus is on comprehensive solutions that will help you stay on track and within the budget you envision.

Diversified groups with multiple business models and brands come with complex set of challenges that are unique and require special treatment.

New technology, new customer expectations, new market entrants, and new business models – in an industry that is becoming more challenging by the day, we help you adapt your existing business to changing times.

The education market in India is undergoing a transitional phase where reforms in the public sector are competing with advanced and specialized scholarships in upcoming private institutions.

Undergoing rapid transformation and answering the pressing challenges of climate change, BOD is committed to helping you figure out the new trends and changing needs of the customers in the energy industry.

Firms operating in this legacy industry require a renewed approach to how they operate and what environmental impact they are generating.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries have been undergoing constant changes as new technologies are coming out to make the systems more secure, reliable and efficient.