Engagement Manager / Senior Engagement Manager

Job Category: Consulting
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mumbai New Delhi

Engagement Manager / Senior Engagement Manager

Career Path

Role in a snapshot

As an EM/Senior EM in BOD’s management consulting practice, you would be required to work with teams in resolving strategic business problems of high growth impact (HGI) enterprises. High growth impact enterprises are the ones who are driven for extraordinary growth and are also deeply passionate about how that growth impacts their people, community, environment, partners and customers. Your work will directly impact such organizations in unlocking their growth potential and redefining their success story. 

Through this journey, you will get to understand the intricacies of building a successful brand. You will be leading projects independently and will be expected to manage resource planning and communication between internal and client teams. You will be responsible for leveraging data to develop innovative strategic recommendations, generating specific industry & company insights. You are also responsible to generate sound hypotheses and focus on resolving the most fundamental issues, using various tools and techniques. 

We are looking for sharp candidates who can generate insights, work with senior executives, develop novel solutions, and collaborate with clients and internal team to solve their strategic issues through our strategic design and execution practices.

To know more about our practices, please follow the link: https://bod.consulting/

Know what we do and how we do it

BOD is a management consulting firm that partners with leaders to help them build organizations they are truly proud of. We solve their most pressing business challenges, unlock value creation and implement transformative solutions to help them grow meaningfully and compete sustainably.

Our clients are ambitious and driven. They bring us on board when they seek clarity amidst several conflicting choices. They expect us to create new knowledge and breakthroughs for them. They also expect us to work alongside their teams, helping them execute efficiently.

BOD promotes the idea of building High Growth Impact (HGI) organisations – companies which are growing rapidly but also aim to leave behind a trail of positive impact. This is only possible if our clients build their organisations inside out and are not merely driven by lag metrics such as sales, profits and valuations. One of our biggest contributions to the industry has been to drive this internal growth mindset. 

At BOD, we use our minds to reason, analyse and divide but also use our hearts to craft solutions that unite and bring more balance to the way our clients work and succeed. We follow the same philosophy inside our firm, which reflects in our work culture and environment. 

Assess if we are the right fit for you

You are a self starter who is able to empathise with client requirements and their business context with some guidance and direction. You can conduct primary and secondary research in an unknown industry to meet the project requirements. You enjoy learning to solve business problems through grassroot level thinking. 

You are quality conscious and pay attention to the little details that matter in creating the difference between above average and extraordinary outputs. You are process conscious in how you get the work done. You are willing to work with your project leaders to create new knowledge through research and application. This is one of the primary reasons why our clients bring us on board to work on their most exciting challenges and opportunities.

You are a passionate learner, who can quickly ramp up on new projects, through research, and by asking relevant questions. You are enthusiastic and attentive, making you go one step beyond to clearly understand project priorities, and work towards goals, with guidance from the project leader. You can be relied upon fully by both the BODians working with you as well as the client teams to be thorough, fair  and honest at work. 

In all likelihood, you will be able to do the above things with ease if you have experienced curiosity and demonstrated a practical mindset in your internship projects, courses and assignments. You like to understand the rationale behind decisions and are willing to help clients make solid business decisions backed by data and logical reasoning. 

As an EM/Sr EM, you will work in cross functional teams with designers, consultants, content writers, developers, client teams and more. You will be expected to handle multiple touchpoints with client and internal team, manage data derived insight visualisation through tools including Excel & power point. The work you do will require you to possess and develop your skills in the following – Business Presentation, First Principles, Data Mindset, Design Thinking, communication and people management.

You are flexible working in a hybrid environment (virtual, office or client side) depending on what is necessary to meet your project goals. You are comfortable travelling for client meetings anywhere in India or outside.

You leverage your emotional intelligence to navigate ambiguous client and project situations. You are effective at multitasking, time management & are able to balance high impact delivery on 2-4 projects simultaneously. 

Why should you consider us? 

BOD could be the big chance that you are looking for. Here, we believe in giving the right talent a chance to deliver and realize their full potential.

  1. Do you believe that in order to do great quality work and make a meaningful contribution, you don’t need to constantly hustle, work endless days and nights, and manage organisational politics to navigate your growth? We are just like you. We are a firm with a firm belief that you don’t have to sacrifice your health for work, or compromise with your personal integrity to grow or constantly act like a hustler to prove your worth. At BOD, we enjoy our work. We like to work calmly. We select clients and projects that allow us to thrive and contribute without creating high pressure situations every now and then.
  2. Are you ready to lead your own projects, but find yourself stuck in an hierarchy that values age & number of years of work experience over your skills and talent? We are different. Show us you can lead, and we promise to give you challenging & stimulating projects to make your own. 
  3. Do you want to continuously grow as an individual and as a professional? We nurture masters who realise their full potential and can change the world around them with the help of their unique superpowers. At BOD, we appreciate and acknowledge individual growth goals, and do our best to help you become your best self at work. Together, we can capitalise on your strengths and work on your weaknesses without judgement.
  4. Do you want to experience how great organizations are built to last? Do you want to play an integral role doing that, creating your own legacy in the process? BOD creates opportunities for you to work with some of India’s finest leaders and founders, who are looking to digitize, scale or build their organizations. You can do that here without limiting yourself to working for any one company, leader or a particular industry. 
  5. Do you want to learn how to build businesses holistically, and are passionate about working on the most challenging business problems faced by leaders and founders? We offer you a chance to work on a range of projects from conceptualising business models, building inspiring brands and executing strategies that translate into success. 
  6. Does the thrill of structuring ambiguous situations to resolve complex business problems sound like your kind of thing? At BOD, we provide you with opportunities to resolve business problems with out of the box thinking, adding your unique touch as you create breakthroughs. Through this process, our senior leaders and partners are always available to help you navigate, learn and develop new skills. Similarly, you will be guiding and developing BODians who are part of your team. You will also be providing advice and guidance to the partners on how to improve client engagement and develop lasting relationships.
  7. Do you believe in the virtue of giving back by helping build BOD as the organisation you are constantly proud of? If you like what we have created, and how we have grown, it is only because of BODians like you who have voluntarily contributed to building and nurturing the organisation. While it’s not an obligation, most BODians feel excited and empowered to build BOD brick-by-brick bringing their own uniqueness to it. 
  8. Do you think work is a part of life and not the other way around? We think so too. At BOD, we believe great work can happen even while maintaining a healthy & happy personal life. With our culture centred on the lives of our people, their friends and families, we give you a supportive environment and a chance to live a full rounded life along with a great career you can be proud of. 

Assess your readiness for this role 

These are some areas that we would like you to assess yourself prior to applying for this role. Our expert interview panel will also spend time with you to help us jointly assess how ready you are to take up this opportunity. Rate yourself as basic, capable or advanced on each of the competencies below. If you score yourself as Capable or advanced on at least 7 out of 10 competencies, we think you are ready to apply.

  1. Reading and understanding financial data
  2. Acquiring relevant information
  3. Developing slides for storyboarding, client presentation and proposals
  4. Data analysis using relevant frameworks and tools
  5. Conducting focus interviews and workshops with senior clients
  6. Presenting internally and to the client
  7. Developing project plan/implementation roadmap
  8. Managing a project – project communication, client management and others
  9. Developing hypotheses and strategic recommendations
  10. Selling projects to existing clients or developing winning proposals for inbound client opportunities

Proficiency level definitions

If you are working at a Basic level of competence you are expected to have some knowledge of the specified activity and its terminology and concepts. You will have some experience of doing the activity and will be able to carry out straightforward relevant tasks to the required standard under supervision.If you are at a capable level of competence you will have the knowledge and experience to carry out standard relevant tasks confidently and consistently without supervision. You may even supervise others. However, you are likely to need to seek advice before carrying out more complex or non-standard tasks.If you are working at an advanced level of competence you will have the knowledge and experience to carry out complex, specialist or non-standard tasks confidently and consistently. You will be aware of alternative approaches and can provide guidance, instruction and advice on the activity to others. You will be widely recognised as an authority, both by others in your organisation and by external peers, for the knowledge and experience you demonstrate.

Do you have the minimum qualifications for this role?

  1. A Tier 1 undergraduate or postgraduate diploma/degree in business studies or management is a mandatory criterion.
  2. Work experience of atleast 3 years is preferred.
Sorry! This job has expired.

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Ravi Kant

Founder and CEO, Innovation Spark Asia | Ex-RBS, Polaris | Delhi University | University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Ravi Kant has over 30 years of experience in IT outsourcing and a decade dedicated to fostering innovation through Design Thinking. He holds a B.Sc (Hons) degree from Delhi University and a specialization in Design Thinking and Innovation from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

Ravi is passionate about integrating user-centric design and strategic planning to cultivate a culture of innovation. Throughout his career, he has held senior leadership positions at RBS and Polaris. As the Founder and CEO of Innovation Spark Asia, he specializes in helping organizations achieve growth and profitability through creative problem-solving and strategic innovation.

Ravi’s extensive experience and dedication to mentoring emerging leaders and fostering continuous learning have made him a valuable asset in driving transformative change and cultivating high-performing teams.

Bhaskar Pramanik

Expert Advisor at BOD Consulting | Ex-Microsoft, Oracle and Sun Microsystems | Advisory Member of Board of Schulich University, Canada and Bennett University, India | IIT Kanpur

Bhaskar Pramanik is an accomplished management leader and professional from the Technology Industry. He is currently appointed as a Senior Advisor at Rothschild & Co. and Board Member and Independent Director of TCNS Clothing Company Ltd. He is also on the Advisory Board of Schulich University, Canada, and Bennett University, India.

He has previously held National and Global Leadership positions in leading Multinational Technology Companies like Microsoft, Oracle & Sun Microsystems. He has worked in India, Singapore, and the US.

He recently retired from the Board of SBI, India’s largest bank. He has also been on the Executive Committee of NASSCOM and the National Committee of CII and AMCHAM. He regularly speaks at Industry and Leadership forums.

Sidharth Balakrishna

Senior Partner at BOD Consulting | Mentor-MIT Boston, Faster Capital & Tiger Hall| Ex-Essel (Zee) Group and Cairn India| Authored 6 books | IIM Calcutta | SRCC

Sidharth Balakrishna has 18+ years of experience in senior management roles across many noteworthy organisations including the Essel (Zee) Group, Cairn India, KPMG, and Shell. He holds a post-graduate diploma from IIM Calcutta and an Economics (Hons) degree from SRCC, Delhi University.

He is a mentor with MIT Boston (USA), Faster Capital (Dubai), and TigerHall (Singapore) and mentors startups with MassChallenge (Boston and Tel Aviv). He has authored six books and is an adjunct faculty at many leading management institutes.

Deepak Vats

Senior Partner at BOD Consulting | Managing Director, Corpspark Advisors | Ex-BCG and ITC | IIM Calcutta | IIT Kharagpur

Deepak Vats has 16+ years of experience in defining strategic direction for global corporate leaders and new-age start-ups. He holds a post-graduate diploma from IIM Calcutta and a B-Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur.

He is an expert in growth strategy, organisational transformation & new business build. He has previously worked with leading global & Indian corporates and is a Co-founder and incubator of multiple startups in the E-Commerce, SAAS and Technology domains.

Atul Takle

Senior Partner at BOD Consulting | Senior Advisor to PR24x7 and Bridgeweave Technologies | Ex-RPG group, Tata Consultancy Services and Accenture | JBIMS Mumbai | Sydenham

Atul Takle has 30+ years of experience in corporate communications and marketing. He holds a postgraduate degree from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai and a bachelor’s degree from Sydenham college in Mumbai.

He has worked with renowned organisations like RPG group, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture in India, Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited and SKS Microfinance.
He is currently engaged as a Marketing Consultant to the Scindia School and NIIT University and is a Senior Advisor to PR24x7 & Bridgeweave Technologies.

Sandeep Das

Senior Partner at BOD Consulting | Ex-McKinsey & Co., Kantar Consulting and Interbrand | Delhi University

Sandeep Das has 20+ years of experience working with global brands across multiple geographies on brand, growth and corporate strategy. He holds a master’s degree in Business Economics and Marketing from Delhi University.

He has a successful track record of working in impactful, senior and high client-exposure roles in leading research organisations like McKinsey & Co., Kantar Consulting, Interbrand & Ipsos Strategy3.

Anjali Malhotra

Senior Partner at BOD Consulting | Founder, C-Xcel | Member of FICCI Wise Council | Director, Founder Institute | UCLA Anderson School of Management

Anjali Malhotra has 30+ years of corporate experience across industries like Media, FMCG, Retail and BFSI sectors. She holds a postgraduate degree in Business administration and Management from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

She is the founder of C-Xcel, a boutique advisory practice that helps B2C businesses to achieve greater success through Customer Centricity. She has built brands in highly competitive markets including early-stage businesses like Revlon, Dishtv and Aviva. Over the years, the industry has recognised her as Cx100, Digi 100, Top 10 CDO, Digitalist Thought Leader, Marketer of the year- Media & Entertainment and Best use of Technology in Marketing.

Saurabh Uboweja

Founder & Managing Partner at BOD Consulting | Board member-World Communication Forum Association | Adjunct faculty-EU Business School | Ex-Citibank | IIM Calcutta | NIT Bhopal

Saurabh Uboweja has 16+ years of experience in consulting, branding, leadership development and digital transformation. He holds a post-graduate diploma from IIM Calcutta and a B-Tech degree from NIT Bhopal.

Recognised as one of the 50 Most Influential Strategy Leaders by the World Marketing Congress two times, he serves as an advisor on the boards of both listed and non-listed firms. He is an adjunct faculty at many leading business schools including the EU Business School.

Ajay Kohli

Expert Advisor at BOD Consulting | Chair and Regents Professor at Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business | Among 100 most cited authors in the fields of Business and Economics combined in a decade | University of Pittsburgh | IIM Calcutta | IIT Kharagpur

Dr Ajay K. Kohli is Gary T. and Elizabeth R. Jones Chair and Regents Professor at Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business. He previously taught at eminent institutions like Emory University, Harvard Business School & The University of Texas at Austin.

He holds a doctorate degree from the University of Pittsburgh, a post-graduate diploma from IIM Calcutta and a B-Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur.

He is among the 100 most cited authors in the fields of Business and Economics combined in a decade, and two of his articles are among the 10 most cited Journal of Marketing articles in the past 25 years. In 2017, he received the AMA-Irwin-McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award and in 2016, he received the Paul D. Converse Award, termed “Marketing Hall of Fame” by Fortune.

Anil Kejriwal

Expert Advisor at BOD Consulting | Founder-I2Cure Pte. Ltd | Board Advisor of Felix Realty | Chairman of the Board of Uttar Industrial Estate- Uttar Development Pvt. Ltd. | IIT Kanpur

Besides investing in several IT start-up companies globally, Anil Kejriwal is the founder of I2Cure Pte. Ltd a global Biotech Company that manufactures patented Molecular Iodine (I₂) products for the global market. The company aims to bring the first-ever range of Cosmeceutical, Pharmaceutical, and Veterinary products based on a breakthrough in Advanced Molecular Iodine (I₂) Science; to provide the world with a solution to deliver more than just short-term, superficial protection against germs and bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Anil is a B.Tech from IIT Kanpur with over three decades of experience and serves as a Board Advisor of Felix Realty and Chairman of the Board of Uttar Industrial Estate- Uttar Development Pvt. Ltd.

Manoj Agarwal

Expert Advisor at BOD Consulting | COO-Algonomy | Ex-Future Group India and Procter & Gamble | Chartered Accountant | Mumbai University

Manoj Agarwal is the Chief Operating Officer of Algonomy, a Bengaluru-based digital retail solutions company. A certified Chartered Accountant, he has over 20+ years of experience in global organisations, playing diverse roles with increasing responsibilities, including leading and managing high-performance groups to deliver impactful business results.

His expertise lies in Information Architecture and Strategy, Organization Design for productivity, Organisation Change Management, Data-Driven decision-making, Customer service model, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management & Financial Reporting and Consolidation.

AOG Photo 2022

Arun Gupta

Senior Partner at BOD Consulting | Independent Director & Board Member: Hemas Pharmaceuticals, Sri Lanka and Locuz Enterprise Solutions, India | Co-founder, Fortytwo Labs | Ex-Head eCommerce at DHL | Ex- Head Internet Services at Hughes Telecom | Leadership Development Program- The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth | Leadership Development Program- ISB | Post Graduation in Software Technology from NCST. 

With 38 years of professional experience, Arun has led many groundbreaking IT-driven ventures, shaping the industry and fostering technology adoption. His consulting practice has its foundations based on success as a CIO/CTO across various verticals, geographies, and businesses in mid-market, large enterprises, and Government entities.

Arun’s expertise lies in IT strategy alignment to business strategy & plan, project planning and management, identifying and creating business value from IT, technology team effectiveness, and business Intelligence and analytics. His domain expertise includes Retail, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, and logistics – though he has consulted across other verticals too.

He has garnered numerous industry awards and recognitions, including the Hall of Fame Awards by CIO Magazine and Information Week. Furthermore, Arun is a celebrated speaker globally and has a passion for photography and travelling.

J Suresh

Expert Advisor at BOD Consulting | National Council Member of Retailers Association of India | Ex-HUL and Arvind Fashions Ltd. | IIM Bangalore

J Suresh is a highly respected leader and key spokesperson in the Consumer and Retail Industry who is currently working as an Independent Consultant. In a career spanning over 4 decades, he has largely worked for Hindustan Unilever Ltd. & Arvind Fashions Ltd. He retired as the MD & CEO of Arvind Fashions Ltd in 2021. He holds a post-graduate diploma from IIM Bangalore.

He serves as the National Council Member of the Retailers Association of India and in the past has been the Chairman of CII’s National Council on Retail & Chairman of India Fashion Forum.

He has played a key role in mentoring & leadership development of his subordinates. Many of them have grown to be successful CEOs of many companies.

Thomas Varghese

Expert Advisor at BOD Consulting | Business Head-Aditya Birla Group’s Textile Businesses | Ex-Chairman, CII – National Committee on Retail (2009-11) | Harvard Business School | IIT Delhi

Thomas Varghese is the Business Head of Domestic Textiles, Overseas Spinning and Acrylic Fiber Businesses of The Aditya Birla Group’s Textile Businesses. In the last 21 years, he has held multiple positions in the group and helped Aditya Birla Retail emerge as one of India’s foremost Supermarket & Hypermarket Retailers as its MD & CEO.

He holds an Advanced Management Program degree from Harvard Business School and Bachelor’s degree in Textile Sciences and Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Apart from being the Chairman of the CII – National Committee on Retail for 3 years (2009-11) and a member of the Coca-Cola Retail Research Council for Eurasia & Africa, he has received many accolades including CEO of the Year by the Asian Retail Congress in Mumbai (2012), Most Admired Retail Professional of the Year at IRF (2010), Outstanding Business Leader by Aditya Birla Group (2004) and Distinguished Alumnus award of the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (2002).

Dr Raman Kumar

Professor | Researches on Asset Pricing, Derivative Securities and Financial Markets | Served on over 50 dissertation committees | Ph.D.-University of Pittsburgh | PGDM-IIM Calcutta

Raman Kumar is the R.V. and A.F. Oliver Professor of Investment Management in the Department of Finance, Insurance and Business Law at the R.B. Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech. He received his PGDM (MBA) from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. He teaches finance and economics courses in the undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD programs.
His research work largely centres around Asset Pricing, Derivative Securities, Financial Markets, Market Microstructure, and Empirical Research Methods in Finance, with some of his works published in prestigious publications such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Finance and Economics, and Journal of Corporate Finance. 

He has served on over 50 dissertation committees as Chair, Co-chair or member for PhD students in the Departments of Finance, Accounting and Information Systems, Marketing, Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Economics, Building Construction, and Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech.
Shubhendu Agrawal

Shubhendu Agrawal

Senior Partner at BOD Consulting | General Electric (USA), Nestlé, Tata Motors | IIM Calcutta | University of Pune

Shubhendu Agrawal has 18+ years of experience in Strategy, Business Operations, Organisation Transformation, Process Design & Implementation and Commercial Excellence. He also has extensive experience in the end-to-end New Product Development cycle – from consumer insights to product adoption & growth. He holds a postgraduate diploma from IIM Calcutta and a B-Tech degree from the University of Pune.

He is passionate about profitable growth & social impact and serves as an advisor/member on the boards of several social enterprises & non-profits.


Kanika Mathur

Senior Partner, BOD Consulting | Founder, K-Trends | Ex COO APAC Mullen Lowe I Ex-Senior Vice President (Digital & Content Marketing), Dubai Tourism | Ex-Managing Director, Digitas | Ex-CMO, Harappa Education

As a Marketing & Digital Transformation Strategist, Kanika Mathur has 30+ years of extensive interdisciplinary experience across Technology, CPG, Travel and Ed-tech. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Delhi University.

Her professional career spans multiple industries and renowned organisations. She founded ‘Solutions Integrated Marketing Services’ in India. She set up Razorfish for the Publicis Groupe & shaped it into one of the country’s largest interactive agencies. As its first CMO, she also helped bolster the Harappa Education brand.

Sumit Singla

Sumit Singla

Senior Partner, BOD Consulting | Independent HR Advisor at MSMEs | People Strategist, CompTeam | Guest Faculty Member, MDI | ex-Deloitte | ex-Accenture | ex-Aon

With 18+ years of experience in the HR and Consulting domain, Sumit Singla has worked with various prominent organisations. He holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh & a PG Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from XLRI Jamshedpur.

He has teamed up with diverse clients on a variety of high-impact projects relating to HR transformation, organisation restructuring, M&A, and HR tech.

Currently, he consults with micro, small & medium enterprises to intensify their HR capabilities, while also mentoring young professionals. He has authored a book that deals with workforce experience & also participates in speaking engagements, forums, and guest lectures at business schools.


Dr PV Ramana Murthy

Expert Advisor at BOD Consulting | Managing Partner at Pinsight By PV | Adviser – Employment and Labour Law Practice at Economic Laws Practice | Board Member at Swadha Foundation | Ex Global CHRO, Indian Hotels Company Ltd | Ex Executive VP HR, Coca-Cola

Dr Murthy boasts an extensive 35-year corporate career, during which he contributed to renowned Fortune 500 and Global organisations. Apart from being a Lawyer, he holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology from INSEAD, Singapore. Additionally, he earned his Ph.D. in Strategic Human Resource Management from Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Andhra Pradesh. 

Beyond his legal background, he serves as an HR Advisor and Consultant, extending his expertise to Indian and multinational companies. His focus spans leadership development, culture transformation, and integrated talent management services. His recent collaborations include supporting organisations like Bosch, Tata Projects, Novo Nordisk, and Taj SATs.

During his stint at Coca-Cola, Dr Murthy not only managed the global leadership development function for the Bottling Investment Group (BIG) but also facilitated impactful leadership development initiatives.

    Mukesh Mathur

    Senior Partner at BOD Consulting |Ex-Godrej & Boyce, Polaris Retail Infotech and Oracle India | IIM Calcutta | IIT Kanpur

    Mukesh Mathur has 40+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and general management with leading Indian Companies and MNCs. He holds a post-graduate diploma from IIM Calcutta and a B-Tech degree from IIT Kanpur.

    He is passionate about training managers in KAM, value selling, and negotiations. He has been in senior leadership positions in Godrej & Boyce, Polaris Retail Infotech, and Oracle India, successfully managing multiple product categories including consumer durables, office automation, banking equipment, industrial material handling, and service engineers.